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Finding the Right Glass Tile for Your Home

Whenever you consider the home renovation, you always focus on adding some vital factors to make the place shinier with a sleek look. The selection of statement tile is enough to provide the “wow” factor to your home. But, one challenging aspect is the selection of the right tile like glass subway tile as per the requirement. There are various tiles available in the market, but you cannot buy all of them as not all the tiles meet your selection criteria. Every tile comes with its unique features, pros, and cons that make the tile distinctive from the other one.

As a home-owner, if you are looking for the perfect glass tile for your home, then luckily, you are at the right place. Here we have highlighted some of the core factors you must consider before buying the glass tiles your home. Additionally, the market is full of different types of glass tiles, but we will identify the latest and the trendiest one for you. Have a look to grab the proper information.

Factors to consider before choosing the glass tile

The following are the significant factors that require proper consideration before finding the most appropriate type of glass tile for your home.

  • Stability

You need to choose the glass-tile that better ensures stability and long-lasting durability. We must tell you not all the available material is reliable, so never fall for the looks. The sleek glass may fail to withstand the wear and tear because of poor manufacturing material. If you have selected tile with the natural stones, it will get tinge and glaze in the future. So, these factors must be focused in the first place instead of repenting in the future. Because the unreliable material requires proper renovation every other month, and it becomes expensive for you.

  • Locality

Another critical aspect is locality, i.e., where you have to install the glass tiles. The location may confine your choice because not all the glass tiles look amazing in your room.  For instance, for your bathroom and kitchen, we strongly recommend you to go for the ceramic or glass will also look incredible in bathrooms. Nevertheless, for the moisture area, it is preferable to go for the stone tiles as they can easily withstand the walking pressure. Porcelain and ceramic are great options for the floors of your homes as they give a glossy and stylish look.

  • Style

Glass tiles are available in a variety of styles. If you prefer shiny and smooth options, then we must tell you that they are slippery. Matte and textured tiles are better because they are not much greasy. Preferably, install the matte and textured tiles in the kitchen, bathrooms, and all those places with moisture. As they involve less risk of slippery as compared to glossy tiles.

Recently, we got to know that texture tiles are quite trendy as you can cut them and put them in the room to give a chic and sophisticated look to the room. They look better when you match and contrast them according to the furniture in the room.

  • Size

The selection of the right size is another tough choice, as choosing the large size tiles can make your room look better due to the existence of less visible grout lines that can easily break the pattern. Conversely, the smaller tiles look ideal on the low floor, which occupies fewer places, or you can use them on the backsplash. Most of the people prefer using small tiles as they give a more natural look. So go for the tiles with strong characters and a touch of patina. It can enhance the elegance and beauty of the room. The selection of wrong tiles can give a weird look to your home.

  • Tile Grouts

If you match the color of grout with the tiles, then we must tell you that you cannot notice the grout. To make it distinctive, it is preferable to choose the contrasting colors as they give a completely different and attractive look to the tiles. Your choice matters a lot here because the final decision depends on the tile types you want to install for a better look.

We prefer you to take grout seriously and select the one with the proper research. Tile grouts shouldn’t be the last-minute decision because the desired pattern can only be created with the help of the best grout choice. Else, it can give a dull look to your room.

The features mentioned above are of great importance and carry significant value, so you must take them seriously. Don’t rush for the tiles just because you find them attractive; prior research and extensive knowledge can let you buy desired tiles. However, every glass tile has its pros and cons but putting in a nutshell, all we can say is that glass tiles are a great addition to your home.

After elaborating on some significant aspects you must consider about glass tile, our next focus is to define some of the different types of glass tile. You can choose the one that best meets your standards and requirement.

Types of Glass Tiles

Following are the significant types of glass tiles including;

  • Smalti

This type of glass tile gets manufactured after mixing different glass plates and metal oxides. Before cutting these tiles into small pieces, it is crucial to fire them at an extremely high temperature. Their final version is available in a mosaic pattern, and you can choose them for giving an elegant look to your home.

  • CAST

To prepare this type of glass tile, it is required to place different pieces of glass in a mold. Later on, they get heated to get the final shape. This type of glass type is also preferable for the installation as it enhances the overall elegance.

  • Sintered

This particular type of glass gets prepared by mixing the dye and glass powered. To get the final shape of this tile, both of them get heated for fusing them and to get a final solid form.

  • Fused

This type of glass tile gets prepared to treat a plan glass with multiple colors. After that, it cuts in the desired shapes as per the demands and requirements of the customers. Before their final creation, one primary step is to fire these tiles in Furnace, etching, or other coatings to give an exquisite look.

Ceramic is another trendy type of tile available in the market. This particular type of tile gets prepared by mixing various pieces of clay, and it gives a complete artistic look to your home. They are high, and almost every house owner wishes you install them at their home to provide a unique and creative look to their homes.

If you wish to give a glossy look to your home, then the selection of Porcelain is a preferable choice as they ensure durability and provide a complete aesthetic look to your home.

Final Words

The purpose of this discussion was to let you know the key factors and significant types of glass tiles that must be in your mind before jumping into the market. However, the final choice is all yours if you want to go for a glossy or straightforward look. We recommend you to make the best use of your valuable time and money and choose the glass tiles that fulfills all the requirements.

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