Homes Planning Appliances Helpful Tips and Tricks to Maximize Kitchen Cabinet Storage

Helpful Tips and Tricks to Maximize Kitchen Cabinet Storage

You can’t have a better kitchen until you renew kitchen cabinets that you’ve been looking at every morning, afternoon, and evening for all these years. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to refinish or replace the cabinets that are installed within, sometimes all you need to do is find ways to make them more functional.

Chances are that your current cabinets are a real mess. These main areas of storage are intended to hold all of your important kitchenware from pots and pans to utensils to plates and glasses. What about your food storage items like Tupperware, tin foil, and plastic freezer bags? Don’t forget about all of your foodstuffs that need to be properly protected for freshness.

All of these things are kept in your cabinets and, as time goes by, those cabinets can get overstuffed and disorganized. We’re here to tell you that you and your family don’t need to live in such disarray. You can take steps instead to maximize your cabinet space and get the most value out of your kitchen storage.

Most of these steps are just plain common sense and a willingness to be more cognizant of where and how you store the everyday kitchen essentials from week to week.

Declutter Your Cabinets


The first trick is the easiest of the options on our list. You just go through every one of your cabinets and start to decide if each item is really necessary to continue storing or if that item can be given the old heave-ho. This includes everything, especially food. There are probably plenty of things inside that are expired or stale.

Dig deep as you rummage through your shelves. If it’s something that you haven’t used or even looked at in months, if not years, then you’re probably not going to miss it when you eliminate that item from your kitchen and your life.

Storage Capacity

Once you’ve figured which items are worth keeping, think about how you are storing those items and consider whether or not they are spaced in a way that leaves a lot of shelf space unused. You might want to add some racks or a lazy susan in your cabinets as a way to utilize all of the empty space that is being overlooked all because the items inside are oversized or unwieldy.

Examine where your unused spaces are located and see how you can make the best use of those areas for more storage capacity.

Don’t Leave Out the Doors

Your cabinet doors are also valuable regions of useful storage capacity. Don’t overlook this space, you can hang hooks or racks along the back of the door to store items that are convenient for you to reach in these cabinets.

What you place on these doors is up to you, if the cabinet is located under the sink you might place soaps and sponges there, while upper cabinet doors might be ideal for hanging a spice rack of pot holders. Your imagination knows no bounds!

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