If you have a carpet at home, your whole house’s appearance depends on how clean the carpet is. Not only does a clean carpet looks good, but it is also healthy for the people living in the house. Keeping a carpet clean is a hectic and stressful job as no matter what you try, you will still be left with food, mud, hair or even dust mites which cause breathing and skin problems. You may even forget to take off your shoes at times. Carpet cleaning is important not only for health and saving from germs, but it also gives a pleasant look to your room.

Many allergies and the respiratory problem can grow with un-cleaned carpets. Sometimes these spill accidents may go unnoticed and cause problems later on. If you are someone who has a carpeted house or even one room with a carpet, you are at the right place because we are telling you seven useful tricks and tips to make your carpet looking clean and clear and your loved ones healthy.


Vacuuming your carpet regularly is an important step to keep your carpet clean. If you have any pets, vacuum around four times a week as that will collect up all the pet hair. Invest in a good vacuum that can suck deep dirt. Vacuuming regularly will make your carpet look clean and fresh. Take your time with the vacuuming process and go right and left and up and down to each side as it may deep clean your carpet.

Run the vacuum more than once on one spot as even the high powered vacuums need time and are not efficient enough. Vacuuming regularly will make it so much easier for you in the future as it will save you a bigger mess and will help you maintain your carpet and make it shine.


The most important tip for cleaning your carpet is to soak up any spills right at the moment. Any spill accident or even drop should be cleaned right at the time. If your spills soak in the carpet, they may be very hard to remove after they dry. Some may even cause mold to grow if they go all the way down. Right after a spill accident, take a paper towel or a clean cloth and try to absorb every drop that is spilled. After soaking up the carpet still might be wet so sprinkle a lot of baking powder on the wet area and let it sit there for at least ten to twenty minutes. After some time, when the spilled area is dry use a vacuum cleaner to remove any residue that is left. If the spill is colored, use club soda before adding the baking soda to the carpet. Keep this tip in mind as it may save a lot of time and even money in some cases.


Adopt the habit of spot cleaning your carpet right after an accident happens. If it is a spill, then take a clean cloth and blot instead of rubbing as it may pressure the stain to go further inside. Keep in mind that while blotting if you are not using a paper towel then use a white cloth as colored cloth may leave its own stain on the carpet. Don’t use any brush as it can damage the fibers of a carpet. Spot cleaning can save you a lot of time, but this is only for a small part, not for the whole carpet.


Another tip for keeping your carpet super clean is to use detergent or shampoo your carpet. Shampooing your carpet will deep cleanse and leave your carpet looking fresh and new. But if you get any stains from grease, the best method to clean is to put one or two drops of dishwashing detergent and mix it in a cup of water. Put this solution in a bottle and spray it on the stain. After spraying this solution on the stain, blot it with a white cloth or paper towel. Keep doing it until the stain goes away. It will help a lot with the grease stains.

For a carpet shampoo process, the first step will be you placing plastic/aluminum foil under the legs of your furniture to avoid any sort of damage caused by water. Shampooing carpet is also called steam cleaning. This process includes hot water and detergent. This detergent is available in many stores. After you have cleaned the carpet, you should not walk on it or place anything on top before it dries completely.


This tip is very important as it helps fight against any wine or beer spill stains. Blot the spill and then put the soda on the spill and the stain will be gone. If putting it like this on the stain does not help mix the soda with white vinegar and water, both of the same quantity and put the solution into a spray bottle. Spray it on the affected area and let the solution sit on it for ten to twenty minutes.

After the solution is soaked in use a clean sponge and soak up all the liquid, try this method one to two times for the best results and the stain will be gone. After the stain has disappeared, use warm water and rinse the spot with it and dry with either a paper towel or hairdryer.


This tip will also save a lot of your time and maybe later on maybe some money too. The shaving cream is the best thing to use for general stains. It will literally save so much of your time. All you need to do is to apply shaving cream directly to any general stain on your carpet and let it stay on the carpet for around thirty minutes and after thirty minutes dry it with a clean white cloth and the stain will be long gone. After doing this, if you still see any leftover stain just use vinegar-water solution where you mix one part water with one part vinegar and spray it on the affected area and then wipe away again!


This is a tip if you love candles or if you have any kids in the house! If you have any sort of candle drip where the wax is dried and has gotten stuck in the carpet. Place a cloth, preferably white as dyes cloth may transfer the color after heating, on top of it and iron the cloth for only thirty seconds. The heat from the iron will melt off the wax, the wax will transfer to the paper or cloth, and the wax will be gone after a few times of ironing, you can still scrape off any leftovers very easily even using a butter knife.

If there is any candy stuck in the carpet, use a butter knife to scrape it off. After scrapping it off, you can use the detergent and water solution to get further rid of any sugar residue.


Stains like blood, even if it is drop can be removed with hydroperoxide. Use a water and detergent solution to loosen up the blood and blot it off. After that apply some hydroperoxide which can cause some foaming and dry it out, the stain from blood will be long gone!


Cleaning your carpet and maintaining it is very important, not only so your house will look clean, fresh and beautiful but also because it will help with keeping your loved ones happy and healthy. Hair from pets, dirt mints, spill stains make your whole look go bad and make a bad impression. These tips and tricks will help you with getting rid of those nasty stains and leave your house fresh!

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