Homes Planning Cleaning Where Should You Place Security Lights on Your Home?

Where Should You Place Security Lights on Your Home?

More landscape lighting tips from your favorite Landscape Lighting Company, this time we’re discussing the best places to install security lighting around the exterior of your home.

Your security lights must serve multiple purposes. They must safeguard the exterior of the property from interlopers and intruders who may want to trespass or even break into the home itself to commit criminal acts. But they must also keep you and your family and any visitors and guests safe by providing suitable visibility in the night.

Walking around in the dark can lead to accidents that can result in someone sustaining a bad injury, that’s why you want suitable illumination throughout your front and back yards, your front steps, any pathways, walkways, and driveways that exist, and gardens or natural regions that shouldn’t be damaged by foot traffic.

So, if your security lighting is going to fulfill the purposes you want, you need to be sure that you install your fixtures and other accessories in places that will allow it to be as effective as possible.

Where to Place Your Security Lighting

The main locations where you should focus on the installation of your fixtures are wide-ranging and varied dependent upon the size and shape of your home and property. Your security lighting can be utilized in multiple locations but you need to first establish the most basic facets of your security lights by placing fixtures that bring the most essential illumination.

These have one thing in common, this lighting must be placed in areas that are not easily accessible as to be turned off by someone who may be trespassing on your property. That means putting them up high. If an intruder is attempting to take out this lighting, they will need to scale a tree or the side of the house and that makes them more vulnerable to detection and probable arrest.

So, focus on the side of the house itself, tall trees or landmarks located in and around the yard, and along the perimeter of your property line. The types of fixtures you may want to use the most are flood-lights. These are bright and cover a lot of real estate. If someone or something is out there, your flood-lighting will most undoubtedly catch it.

Secondary Security Lighting

Remember, security is about safety and that means providing ample visibility. So, place some fixtures along the sides of your pathways, your driveway, even along the steps of your front door and perhaps you back porch or deck.

These fixtures can light the way for you, your family, and guests as you move about the exterior of the property under the pale moonlight. You should also place lighting near a pool or a pond to ensure that no one falls into these bodies of water by mistake. These path lights are easily accessible by the bad guys but with so many fixtures installed, it can be tough to knock them all out before being seen.

You may also want to install motion detectors so the lights turn on and off when someone steps near these walkways. That way you won’t have them on all night and pay through the nose when the electricity bill comes due.

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