Homes Planning Furniture What will you consider when replacing your double glazing?

What will you consider when replacing your double glazing?

If you are thinking of replacing your windows, here are a few tips to consider before committing to having the work done.

Having your double glazing renewed not only helps to prevent heat loss and improve security but also the modern designs available today can give your home a complete makeover. The cost of having your double glazing replaced can be expensive, however, so it is prudent to conduct some research before making decisions on what you want to be done and who you will hire to do it.

1. Is the firm reputable?

Any firm you trust to replace your double glazing should have been established for at least 1 year, operate from its own premises, and provide a good personal service to customers. Thanks to the internet, it is easy to find online reviews and ratings.

Biggest is not always the best; but you decide who to go with for example, consider a Double Glazing Gloucester company if you want windows and doors fitted by a reputable family-run businesses.

2. Have you settled on the right deal?

Cost, of course, is a large factor when making your decision on double glazing replacements. Don’t just get quotes from at least three different companies; in addition, talk to them about the various options, such as a window unit replacement or a full frame replacement. Replacing just the glass instead of the full frame is significantly cheaper and is one of a number of recommended ways to help save energy in the home. Make sure your quotes are in writing, including every measurement and detail.

3. Style and type of window

Whichever style or type of window you choose will have an impact on the cost. Not all double glazing units are uPVC – there are also aluminium and wood options.

4. Suitability for double glazing

If your house is a listed building, you may not be able to install double glazing at all. If you are unsure, check to make sure you are not breaching any building regulations by putting in double glazing.

5. Safety

While it is important for double glazed windows to improve security, it is also important to have windows that will allow escape in the event of a fire. This feature may not be included in quotes and will be extra – make sure that you ask specifically about this aspect.

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