Homes Planning Home Improvement 5 Stylish Bedroom Decor Ideas For Indian Homes

5 Stylish Bedroom Decor Ideas For Indian Homes

Looking for bedroom decor ideas? Here’s a list of ideas to help you with bedroom interior design.

  1. Bring In The Black In Your Bedroom

Black is considered the best neutral colour in fashion, but who knew it would work equally well in interior design as well! Most people cripple their imagination while designing bedrooms by thinking they need to go for light and subtle shades. However, black has been trending as the best colour for bedrooms for a reason!

Using black, you can make your bedroom dramatic. You could go for a black main wall and then accentuate the decor with bright coloured pieces or you could experiment with black furniture and balance it out by using complementing shades in the rest of the room. Try it out!

  1. Go Traditional & Ethnic

For Indian homes, we highly recommend including a traditional touch in the bedroom decor, if you like that style. Traditional elements could be inculcated into the window trimmings, furniture style and even rugs & bedding.

You can also bring in the ethnic charm by combining simplicity and casualness. While traditional bedroom would be bright, an ethnic one would look best with muted colours to channel in the peaceful and soothing vibe.

  1. Keep Children’s Bedroom Light & Bright

If you’re designing a kids bedroom, go with bright colours placed against the plain walls, ceiling and floor rugs. You could bring in the bright shades with furniture for example, a blue sofa in the corner or a shelf space decorated with colourful accessories.

For kids bedroom, it’s very important to include elements that could define their personality and likes, while boosting their imagination & creativity.

  1. Use Metallics

One sure-shot way to make a bedroom more stylish is to use metallics. As interior designers who have worked on several luxury home interiors in India, ANSA Interiors does a fabulous job in bringing in this trend. Metallics could be added to the furniture trimmings, small pieces of furniture, in the lights or in the accessories. Just a touch of it could make a huge difference in the vibe of your bedroom!

  1. Experiment With The Bed Frame

Most people pick up a simple bed and then, look for designing their bedroom in a different and unique way. You got yourself wrong at the very first step. There’s little you can do to correct it, or alternately, there’s a lot you’ll have to do to fix that. However, if you just pick up a bed with an exciting bed frame, the amount of work you’ll have to put in to create a stylish bedroom halves. So, try it out!

  1. Don’t Forget Storage Space

An important part of designing any space in a home is storage. For a bedroom, storage space must be available on the bedside, preferably in the bedside tables, so as to avoid clutter while you’re doing your night time and morning routines. Having a bed with storage space is highly recommended for small bedrooms.

In case, your bedroom also has wardrobes, go for wardrobes that blend in with the design. In fact, if you’re going for a minimal and no-clutter look, you could try to design your wardrobes to make them look almost invisible. For example, they could look like doors or a simple wall instead of actual wardrobes.

  1. Accessories To Add Into Your Bedroom

Go for a bright coloured rug to add into your room. Avoid bright light (white light) in your bedroom. Instead go for subtle and soft lights like yellow and blue. Lift up the vibe of the room with candles and aroma diffuser. Trust us! The fragrance of those diffusers makes a real difference to how you feel standing in that room. We also recommend adding in a mirror in your bedroom, round ones are trending right now.

The article has been written with inputs from ANSA Interiors – top interior designers in Delhi NCR. They’re currently taking projects all over India. Connect with them for interior design consultancy!

We hope these tips help you to design your dream bedroom.

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