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Few Questions That You Must Ask Your Waterproofing Contractor

It can always be a nightmare for any homeowner if there is water leaking in the home and particularly in your basement, as the entire belongings will be in jeopardy. During such an anxious moment the first question that may come into their mind is whom should be called?

Any professional waterproofing company Toronto like Waterproofing PD must be called to assess the situation properly however, most people may often worry whether they have called the right professional and what should be the right questions that must be asked to convince  themselves.

And most importantly, you also have to trust that professional whether they are offering you the best advice to you. So in this article, we are suggesting a few questions that you must ask them so that you can be sure enough that your problem is under the right hand.

  1. How long have you been in this business?

Naturally, if a company is involved in this business for a longer time then they must have faced varieties of problems, and hence chances of resolving your problem would be far more than hiring any novice.

  1. Are all your workers insured?

Ensure that your chosen company has all insured workers as such work can always have a risk of accidents, and you should not bear the burden.

  1. What is causing my leaking problem?

Several reasons can cause water leakage like:

  •         Hydrostatic pressure
  •         Higher water tables
  •         Poorly located  pipes for sump pump discharge
  •         Negative grading

Your waterproofing expert must address the actual source of the water leaking.

  1. What solution will you propose?

You can ask this question to several professionals to identify the solution. You need to ensure that the solution recommended can solve your problem.

  1. What are any other options?

Try to know a few more solutions by discussing with several professionals and then shortlist a few solutions that appeal to you most.

  1. Will you offer any guarantee or warranty for your solution?

Most companies will offer a warranty for the materials used and a few good companies will also offer a guarantee for their work too.

  1. What type of materials that you are going to use?

If your waterproofing contractor is well experienced and knowledgeable then he will suggest many different products and materials and he will also tell the pros and cons of each of them.

  1. How is your work going to affect my home?

Often such work can be too messy and can disturb your home. It will be good to know them well in advance so that you can prepare yourself well.

  1. Whether your estimated cost has any other hidden or unexpected costs?

Often the expense of such jobs can go much beyond your expectation. An honest professional can offer you the correct answer.

  1. Can you provide any references?

By talking to past clients, you can develop more confidence in your waterproofing contractor.

Quite a few of the above questions are not too easy to answer, but any honest contractor will surely provide you with several options that will meet your best interest.

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