How You Can Benefit From The Right Sub Floor Ventilation

Does your home have a musty smell and have you noticed that you no longer breathe in fresh air when you are indoors? Then it is very possible that you are living in a damp environment.Moisture in your home can come from the bathroom or the kitchen and if it has nowhere to escape to, then it lands on cold surfaces and condenses. This causes your home to become damp. You should also not forget to have sufficient sub floor ventilation since a moist sub floor also contributes to the dampness of your home.Is Your Sub Floor Ventilation Sufficient?There are several things which can make you know whether or not your under floor is well ventilated. If you notice that vegetation is growing into the house from the wall, this means your under floor has too much moisture. You can also know that your under floor requires to be ventilated when you find mould on the walls. Your floor will begin to lift in some areas due to the uptake of moisture which will cause it to be uneven.If there are vents in your sub floor, you should check whether they have been blocked by soil or concrete. You should also remove any items in your under floor that can block the cross flow of air between the vents.Calling In The ExpertsIf you suspect that your under floor is not properly ventilated, you will need to call in the experts to assess the area. The experts will calculate the airflow in your under floor so that they can accurately come up with the ventilation requirements of the area. The experts will consider the type of building and location of the building when making recommendations.If there are vents already present in your sub floor, you may be required to install fans. The fans will be placed in strategic locations on the building to ensure that drier air is drawn from one side and the moist air is expelled from the other side. If this is not possible, a fan can be connected to a pipe which will then expel the moist air to the outside.Benefits Of Proper VentilationWhen your home including the under floor is properly ventilated, you will be protected from dust mites which cause difficulty in breathing. The spread of mould in the home will not take place and the timber on the under floor will be protected from decay. You will also have a home that is free from termites and white ants which are attracted by dampness. Your home will be dry since condensation will not take place and you will therefore be able to breathe in clean fresh air.The right amount of sub floor ventilation will ensure that excessive heat loss does not occur when the moist air is expelled to the outside. This means that your home will remain warm as the moist air is pushed out. It does not cost much to maintain the fans which are installed in your under floor. You can use a timer on the fans to ensure that you do not have to incur unnecessary costs.