Homes Planning Home Improvement Insight on Pros and Cons of Popularly Marketed Window Styles

Insight on Pros and Cons of Popularly Marketed Window Styles

In the present times, there are a range of window styles available all having some basic functional features and distinct beneficial qualities that make them popular. Many of you are planning to purchase windows for your new home or office arena.  It is natural that you remain confused while selecting the best among the many kinds of windows shown to you in showrooms and on online marketing site. No need to stress yourself, as gaining information about most in demand kinds of windows will help to select the appropriate ones for your premises.

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Every fixture installed in buildings does own added benefits and drawbacks. Thus, before you decide to buy windows understand more about the features of few well marketed window styles.

Now more about the pros and cons of a few trendy window styles:

  • Double hung windows:
    • The design is simple as two large glass panes surroundings are framed in wood or metal. They slide up and down as the window frames are vertically fixed on sliding tracks. The windows are suitable to be installed in homes having classic style of architecture. Even modern flat owners prefer to use it as it is budget friendly, require minimal maintenance and easier to operate. The only drawback is that the springs may break if not well maintained.
    • The other style of double hung windows is quite famous as it has smaller divided sashes within the larger frame hold by muntins. You can opt for it to install in your modern home as it suits all kind of home architecture.
  • Casement windows:
    • It is the most sellable window style in urban homes built in any architectural style. They open horizontally with the aid of hinges. It needs low maintenance as the window seal is tight and it has simple mechanism to open and close. The glass panes can break or crack during storm if left fully open.
  • Slider windows: One of the most common windows usually installed in urban apartments, condos and flats. The large sash windows slide along top and bottom track or panels. They are durable and cheaper compare to other stylish windows. You have limited variants in slider windows and the bottom panels accumulate dirt faster, thus need to be cleaned regularly.
  • Roof windows: Most often mistaken as skylight windows by many individuals. The only difference between the two is that roof window can be opened and closed while skylight window installed at the top of the ceiling remains sealed. Roof windows are usually installed in attics to provide sunlight and maintain ventilation. They are prone to be damaged by adverse weather like storms, heavy rain and hurricanes.

Enjoy your shopping for trendy durable windows available in lots of variety in both online and land-based market.

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