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Tips how to keep the house clean if you have roommates

Roommates are a fantastic way to make friends, make precious lifelong memories and best of all, ease the cost of rent, which can be exceptionally high in the city. However, as with any co-living situation, there can be specific difficulties to keep things appropriately orderly and clean when living with a roommate or more. Communal spaces tend to be the messiest, but that doesn’t mean other places are necessarily better. So if you’d like to find a way to keep things nice and clean, read on to find the best advice from expert cleaners in Glasgow.


Express your desires, or necessities, for a more orderly environment. Explain what standard of cleanliness is acceptable for you, and find ways to work together with your roommates to make it happen, regularly. House cleaning should never be a chore one person takes up. Instead, it’s the responsibility of all residents to clean up after themselves and keep the things everyone needs tidy. It works best if your roommates are equally as orderly as you. Remember – don’t wait until it’s too late! Get this discussion out and over with as soon as possible. Avoid build-up of chores and tension by setting things up to work, rather than waiting for them to fail.


Everything that happens happens for a reason – even if you don’t believe that it’s a great approach to making things happen. Namely, create a specific set of cleaning tasks, done in a particular order to make it genuinely stick – the human brain responds best to repetitive patterns. Domestic cleaning takes the least conscious effort when it comes up in the form of a routine.

Hire a helping hand

Some people don’t have the time or desire for cleaning up. Don’t give up quite yet. You can hire a cleaning service from Glasgow to do the work, and then split the costs appropriately. Either the roommate accepts to clean up personally, or helps out differently. Regardless, you’d be amazed at how affordable cleaners in Glasgow have become. If it’s hard to organize everyone to pitch in with work, then maybe a small monetary contribution towards keeping the place orderly is all it takes!

Start slow

Think about it this way: a clean home consists of many smaller cleaning tasks, which are in turn made up out of many, even shorter, one time decisions to clean up. If you’re experiencing significant pushback, it’s going to be best not to set your expectations sky high from the start. Start small. Introduce more cleaning responsibilities into the rotation as time goes on and before you’ll notice your place is going to be back in order, all the time.

Team effort

Organizing and doing things as a team will not only make you feel closer to each other, it’s also a great way to make sure the things that need to be done get done, on time. It’s a sort of mutual accountability principle. So schedule a day when everyone is free, and get to work on that apartment until it sparkles! Additionally, when it comes to everyone’s responsibilities, make sure everybody gets treated fairly. Verify that nobody gets assigned too much or too little work and that everyone pitches in about the same. Of course, exceptions can happen, but it’s vital for everyone to feel included, equally. The fairer you can make the entire process be, the fewer barriers there will be to getting the work done.

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