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Vital DIY Plumbing Tips You Need To Know

You don’t need to search for Long Island plumbers near me every time you have a plumbing issue. Some problems are minor, and you can fix them and save hundreds of dollars. However, you need to have knowledge of plumbing to fix the issues. This article gives you some essential DIY plumbing tips that you can use to fix plumbing issues in your home.

  1. Replace Your Faucet And Toilet Parts

Trying to remove the pipes under your sink or shower can be messy if you make a mistake. However, replacing your faucet’s cartridge or toilet flapper can be easy. Worn flappers are a significant cause of leaks between the toilet bowl and tank. Fortunately, they only cost a few dollars and come with a manual having instructions for replacement.

Most faucets can be repaired by changing the whole interior with a new cartridge. This is a simple task because it needs you two to remove one or two screws. Therefore, if your sink keeps on gripping and your toilet running, buy the replacement parts and try repairing them.

  1. Unclog A Drain Manually

If you have a slow-moving drain, you don’t have to buy expensive chemicals to hasten the process. You can remove the clogs manually without using chemicals. You only need to buy a drain snake and pull it back and forth in the pipes. If the drain snake accesses the clogged part, your drainage system will improve. If you don’t have a drain snake, use a wet or dry shop vacuum to suck the clog.

  1. Use A Thread Tape To Fix Dripping Shower Head

Monitoring your shower head frequently can help you identify leaking points. If the leaks are small, you can use thread tape to fix them. The leaks may be a result of threads that aren’t connected tightly. To fix this, remove the screw on the showerhead and apply a new tape wrapping before reattaching the showerhead to stop the drip.

However, if your shower head is clogged, soaking it in a basin with a mixture of warm water and vinegar for one hour can unclog it. Before installing it back, ensure you brush the loose mineral deposits that could block it again.

  1. Use Thread Tapes Instead Of Thread-Sealing Compounds

Thread-sealing compounds are notorious for dripping and smearing surfaces. That’s why it’s best to live professionals to use them in solving plumbing problems. Instead, for most of your DIY projects, use thread tape. You can purchase a multipurpose tape from a store and use it to solve issues involving pipe threads in your house. Thick tapes are generally used for gases while pink, for water. These thicker options are easier to handle.

When wrapping the tape around the pipes, roll it counterclockwise. Rolling a few turns of the tape will make it hold the pipes tighter. Wrap some turns of the tape around a pen for easy application.


Handling some plumbing issues on your own can save you lots of money. However, you need to be careful because any slight mistake may lead to a significant problem. With the right information and knowledge of plumbing, you can safely handle most minor plumbing issues.

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