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Best Deals On Quartz Countertops

Have you ever thought about choosing quartz for your kitchen or bathroom countertop? Know that this is a great option for those looking for beauty, elegance, strength and durability. In fact, quartz is one of the types of industrialized stones most suitable for residential projects due to its differentials and benefits.

Quartz is an artificial stone that was created to meet the constant need for a white and resistant material for Stone Countertops. It consists of a mixture of 95% quartz and 5% silica, resin and polymers. The material is 100% homogeneous and blends well with exposed areas. It can be found not only in its white version, but also in several other colors at Granite Selection. For example: black, brown, shades of gray, red, among other shades.

6 reasons to use quartz for countertops

1- High resistance

Countertop quartz is the best option due to its high resistance to shocks, stains, deep scratches and cutlery marks. Because it is very rigid, it is ideal for the kitchen space. However, care must be taken with extreme temperatures it is recommended to use plate holders between the pans and the countertop.

2- Affordable labor

Quartz is a stone that can be manufactured in pieces of various thicknesses, between 1 cm and 3 cm. Because it is a little “thicker” than other stones, it requires a simpler and, consequently, more economical labor.

3- Unique and uniform appearance

One of the main characteristics of quartz for countertops is that it is not porous. The result of the installation is a completely smooth, uniform and homogeneous finish.

4- Impermeability

Countertop quartz is ideal for these spaces, mainly because it is waterproof. It does not absorb water and other liquids, ensuring that no stains appear on the surface.

5- Easy to clean

In addition to all the unique features, countertop quartz is also easy to clean! The stone must be maintained daily using only water and neutral detergent.

6- Anti-bacteria

Because it is a non-porous surface, quartz still prevents the growth of bacteria! Therefore, it helps to keep the kitchen in perfect condition.

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