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Stump Removal: Tips, Techniques, and Method


Cutting of tree may look like a big project, but it’s not as compared to the removal of the stump. Due to the high cost, some companies are charging for the removal of the stump; many people leave it unattended. This is why there is an old stump in many people’s garden. Stump Removal is not an easy job, but nowadays, many companies are offering their expertise to remove the stump quickly and easily. By using the right techniques and methods, there are a handful of possible options to remove the stump.

Reasons to Remove the Stumps:

Leaving the stump un-removed is senseless after cutting the tree. Some of the reasons to remove the stump from your garden are:

  1. Unsightly Look: An old stump gives an unpleasant look to the yard. Nobody likes to look at the yard and see old stumps resting there. They even look uglier when other plants and weeds start growing on them.
  2. Occupies valuable space: The widest and clearest lawns look good and attractive. Stumps are a hurdle in your yard, and they take a lot of space.
  3. Stumps are Hazardous: Stumps could be dangerous for your children while playing. They may trip over and get injured.

Methods of Stump Removal:

  • By grinding it: This is the fastest method of removing a stump which can be a bit costly. Professionals can be hired to remove these stumps for you by grinding.
  • By digging it out: This is the most cost-effective method which is done manually. Many companies also give this option for stump removal as this is relatively affordable than grinding.
  • Burning a Stump: A cost-effective way to get rid of the stump in your yard is burning it. Once it’s burned and cooled down, fill the hole with dirt. As this method is also dangerous, professional advice should be taken.
  • Chemical Stump Removal: Stump removing companies also use chemicals to remove the stumps. Chemical Potassium nitrate is used to rot the stump and then removing it manually.

Book Now!

If you are willing to put in effort and time, then you can remove the stumps by yourself, but there are times and situations where it makes more sense to call the professionals. Calling your local tree specialists and have them remove it professionally is better. You can book an appointment with tree removal companies on their webpage, such as

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