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How to Remove Smoke Odors from Carpet

Practicing good carpet care is so important for keeping your carpets looking and feeling their best. That also includes ensuring they also smell great; carpets can absorb all kinds of smells and odors and one of the toughest to remove is the stench of smoke.

Smoke odors can permeate your carpet fibers through any number of ways, be it cigarette or cigar smoke, burnt food smoke, or the thick by-product that comes from a fire inside or near the home. Getting these smells out of your carpet fibers and backing material can be a never-ending task that requires multiple attempts at cleaning and deodorizing.

The good news is that you can do the work necessary to revitalize your smoke-filled carpets with the use of some simple, everyday household products that you likely have on hand in your cabinets or closets.

So, if you’re dealing with a carpet that has been badly marred by smoke of any kind, the time to take suitable action is now. Here are the items you will need to get the process started.

What You Need

The first thing to find is a can of baking soda. Chances are you have this in the house. Go get it. Then go grab a spray bottle, a dustpan, and be sure you have your vacuum cleaner close by. An optional item to have on hand is some sort of fragrance, be it lavender, vanilla, even a citrus or mint scent. Dried versions of these scents or essential oils should suffice, depending on the type of scent you choose.

Odor Removal Steps

Take your baking soda and sprinkle it liberally across the entire surface of the carpet. Be sure you cover the entire expanse of the material from wall to wall.

Allow the baking soda to sit on the carpet for an extended period of time. The baking soda is intended to absorb the odors from the fibers and material. If this is an odor that is particularly deep-seated, you can brush the fibers and then add another layer of baking soda on top of the previous one.

The longer you let the baking soda remain on the carpet, the more effective it will be at removing all of the smoke smell. Should you decide to let the baking soda to sit in the carpet overnight, you can then resume the clean-up the following morning.

When you’re ready, sweep the baking soda and vacuum what remains. Vacuuming it all up will be very effective at picking it up from the surface of the fibers and in between.

Now give your carpet a good sniff. How does it smell? Do you still detect the scent of smoke? The next step may be calling in the local experts for carpet cleaning cheseapeake va and have the carpets professionally cleaned. Some jobs are just too big for the homeowner to handle, especially when it comes to removing smoke from a carpet. By all means, try your home remedies first but if you still haven’t gotten satisfaction, it might be time to step aside and let the professionals deal with the problem.

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