Homes Planning Roofing Historic Homes: Guide To Choosing The Right Roof

Historic Homes: Guide To Choosing The Right Roof

A historic home often has its own unique architecture and style. When the time comes to replace crucial elements such as the roof, it’s important to match the current architectural style to keep the look of your historic home. Maintaining the look of your historic home and making sure that it is using the right weatherproof materials can mean finding a contractor that has experience with maintaining historic properties.

Some of The Main Roofing Materials That Are Used in Historic Homes Include

Wood shingles: This is one of the older styles of roofing and they come in a wide range of styles and shapes. The only problem with wood shingles is that they require regular replacement as they can rot over time.

Slate: Slate roofs are a popular choice for historic homes because they are fireproof, waterproof and they have an extensive lifespan. This kind of roofing system is able to last 50 years or more.

Metal roofing: Early metal roofing materials were often lead or copper, today’s roofing materials can be a far lighter and safer option. Sheet iron is also common for allowing for a greater span over a lighter framework. Modern metal roofing materials are constructed using recyclable items which are more durable and effective for heat resistance. Copper can also be integrated in the same format for flat seemed domes and cupolas.

Shingles: Traditional shingles were often used with historical homes but many of the original shingles were produced using asphalt, roll roofing, aluminum or asbestos. Choosing shingles for a historical roof can require careful consideration. Working with a historical roof contractor can make sure that you end up with shingles that match the style of your historic home and use modern advances in roofing technology to provide unprecedented durability.

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